Waterfoliation cracking rock – non-blasting opened new technology

Stone mining has entered the era of mechanized mining. In recent years, my country’s granite mining equipment has been long-term development, and the performance of mining equipment has been further improved, and the types of equipment are more complete. Moreover, new equipment, new technologies, and new process are endless. Stone mining companies only have timely understand these new equipment and new processes, and combined with stone mining conditions and production in order to properly choose the right mining process, methods and mining equipment to meet the needs of stone mechanization, improve enterprise production capacity And economic benefits.

Since 2003, my country’s granite mine has begun to enter the mechanized mining era, many of the traditional mining stone processes that can be used for thousands of years, and rock demolition manufacturer have become history with mechanized mining process equipment. As of now, the type of granite mining equipment produced in my country has been more complete, and can be used for granite mining processes in various combinations. Some new types of mining equipment and process methods of various granite mining are briefly described below: 1, hydraulic splitter The hydraulic splitter can be divided into electric type according to the power , Internal combustion engine. The hydraulic split is shallow, the hole distance is large, and the effectiveness is improved, thereby reducing the amount of dried rock workload 1/2 ~ 1/3. Compared with the artificial wedge cleavage method, the production rate of the wasteland can reach 400- 500m3 / person. Year. You can replace blasting method and intensive rolling method , improve mining productivity, improve the quality of waste materials, reduce mining cost, and increase corporate economic benefits. The mining hydraulic splitter is jointly exploited with the rock trolley and the engraving tool. It is suitable for the mine mining of stone mines with good splitting and fissure. 2 Decomposition work is 4 minutes in the abbreviated finishes, and the efficiency increased by 8 to 10 times compared to traditional splitter. The car hydraulic splitter is mainly used in the decomposition of granite stone mine mine. 3, hydraulic column split rod Hydraulic column split rod, also known as column division. Hydraulic column split rod, split hole diameter φ90 mm, depth ≥900mm. Such as 6 column split bars can be pre-split 6 to 10 cubics within 1 minute of medium and hard rocks. High efficiency is relatively high, can replace the expansion agent and explosive mining stone mine. Hydraulic splicing rods can also be used in the cleavage operation of the rectangular keystone bottom of the granite groove project.

Water-impedance, is an emerging non-burst-breaking equipment, which is increasing Pressure and high pressure water pipes are injected into high-pressure water in a dedicated flushing device placed in rock drilling, controlling the radial expansion of the boost fire, oppressing the hole wall, loading the expansion force of hundreds of tons, so that rock or concrete The body is uniformly cracking or randomly brokenRock method.The floral length is typically between 0.5-2m, the flushing hole diameter is φ50mm ~ 115mm, the depth is ≥1.2 ~ 2.2m, the splitter depth is generally 2m or more, and the cleft time can be completed.A supercharger host typically carries 3 to 20 graders simultaneously, usually larger than the actual splitter.Waterfensive cracking stone is a process form that is currently higher in the current market, operational and maintenance costs, better effect.It is mainly used for mine, granite mining and slope repair construction.

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